About Us

What brought VFOM about?


As a hiker and backpacker, I am award of many of the tails here in southwest Missouri and there condition.  After retiring in 2002, I started learning the detailed requirements for trail building and trail maintenance. I have attended a number of training programs and then I went to out to different parts of the county to do trail work. After my grandchildren settled here in southern Missouri, I too landed here.  I joined the monthly hiking program at the Springfield Nature Center and started hiking trails throughout the southwest Missouri. It was not long before it became apparent the trails here where lacking in maintenance and up keep. Since I could not hike outside the State, a number of us hikers said let us put together our group and hike where we choose to hike. We soon found that trails to the south of us in Arkansas where much better to hike on.


Then one day while I was visiting Lake Springfield, a person told me they want to put in a trail there in the park, but did not know how to do that. I meet with the park manager and he told me about their wishes and I told him I could do it if they would make the tools available. I laid out the trail for them and started work on it in August of 2008. I pick up a few Volunteers here and there, and I found the work very enjoyable and worth while. One day one of the volunteers said to me I should put together a non-profit company together and train other people to do this work like I had done with them. After looking into the minor and asking the big question of "Why doesn't someone do something about the challenge?" I was looking at me. I talk it over with my new wife and she said it is something you love to do, why not?

That is how VFOM came about. Here are some important dates, see how fast things game together for us.


March 15:         Secured the domain: VFOM.org

March 26:         Meet with Grant Johnson: Attorney at Law

March 30:         Signed the Articles of Incorporation and Submitted Missouri Non-Profit Application.

April 2:              Missouri Non-Profit application Approved.

April 15:            First Organizational Meeting:  Signed Corporation By-Laws.

May 5:              www.vfom.org up and running.

May 13:            First Executive Board Meeting.

June 4:              Filed Form 1023 with IRS.

June 11:            Received confirmation from IRS that application was received.

June 12:            Responded to an email form the White House concerning Volunteerism.

                         Sent letter to the First Lady with document and form numbers from the IRS

June 27:            501(c)(3) Approved.

August 12:         Second Executive Board Meeting.






17th of September
The time we announce to World we are the new Kids on the Block for Recreational trails.
Located at the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce: Thank you all for your support 
Friday, September 11, 2009
Glad to Meet the Future Trail Huggers at
Ozark Technical Community College Picnic.
   Thank You Representative Eric Burlison for
   joining VFOM's September
Executive Board Meeting
Missouri State University
Community Volunteer Fair
Wednesday, January 27th, 2010
MSU Campus:   Plaster Student Union
Congradulations to Jasmine Pitts for winning a new 
  Kona Mountian Bicycle.

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Gift of Time Awards
Robert Crampton was awarded the Give of Time Award for 2010.
Robert was recognized with nine other volunteers at a  Gift of time luncheon on July 18, 2010.  The Springfield-Greene County Parks Board nominated Robert for his volunteer work at Lake Springfield Park.  Thank you David Riggs, Springfield Lake Park Manager.

Republic Community Foundation
Volunteer of the Year Nominee
Republic Parks & Recreation

April 30, 2012
Robert & Ann Crampton

September 28th: Missouri Joint Health Conference
A Health
ier Missouri Begins Today - Join the Movement

Robert was asked to speak at the statewide health 
conference held in Columbia, Missouri.  
Dr. Mark Woods ,from Ozark Family Clinic, joined
Robert and Ann as they presented a workshop on 
how to get "More Recreational Trails for Public Health"