Overseer Board
Robert Crampton - President/CEO  
  "Chief Trail Hugger"

I have always had an interest in woods.  As a young boy I used to hike and bike all over the town and woods of southern Michigan. The Boy Scouts help me develop my love for the woods.  This made it easy for me to take up the cause, which will enable people to have a better quality of life through good hiking and biking trails.

 I have held positions that required me to develop programs and design grassroots type of organizations throughout the years. As a retired Army Sergeant I always fell back on the skills I learned over the years of managing people and caring for them while in the field. I have developed number of nonprofit companies helping children and youth alike.

While living on Guam, I learn from the people the importance on giving and working for the community. We develop a Vocational Training program that helped the youth of Guam to get employment in the space industry that came to the island.

 It was back to the US mainland and at Austin Texas while working at the Police Department as a civilian; we wrote a Business Plan that brought the community into partnership with the Police Department, in planning their own crime prevention programs for their own neighborhoods. It works still to this day. The people where empowered to help themselves and this was exciting to see happen.

We can do the same thing with improving our trails system within the state of Missouri. People are willing to take ownership of land they are entrusted with. Come and join the fun.  We have a job for you, that you will enjoy doing. 

I have always had an interest in marketing and sales.  This has developed as the years moved on. I have had an interest in providing people with a good quality type of product. This has brought me to the point of wanting to provide the people of Missouri with good sustainable hiking and biking trails.  (Trails that will last).

VFOM's vision of:" improving the hiking and biking trails throughout the state of Missouri" lets me work outdoors in the wild and enjoy what "HE" has given us to care for.

We are now faced with the challenge of becoming better stewards of our lands and our Health. By working on trails and showing people, you can have a better life if you will only get out and join the Missouri Trail Huggers in building new and better trails for all to use.

 I use to tell my students we are only limited by the things we put on our own head. "HE" gives us this land to enjoy and care for. So come out and help us and we will show you how much better you will feel about yourself, that you where able to give a little back. It will make your day. We all have a choice. So what is your choice?  We each have one to make, be it good or not so good, it is still our choice.

Bob Winnie - Vice President:
Chipper Solomon

    Chipper Solomon is a Project and Design Manager for Wild Bear Log Homes in Springfield, Missouri.  In his current role, Chipper Solomon’s key activities include, log home sales, concept and plan design, on-site consulting, contract negotiations and one on one customer communications.  A graduate of Missouri State University and native of Southwest Missouri, Chipper grew up enjoying the many outdoor activities the Ozarks has to offer such as: fishing, canoeing and hiking.  As a proud member of the Volunteers For Outdoor Missouri (VFOM), Chipper is able to give back to the local community, while supporting, preserving and encouraging outdoor recreation in the Ozark’s.  If you would like to contact Chipper to learn more about the VFOM he can be reached at .


Dr. Mark Woods
Mark was raised in rural Arkansas where he was often found with his family in the woods, rivers, and lakes. He and his sister spent many summers "blazing" their own trails around the family farm in the hills of Western Arkansas.  Mark completed his medical training in Arkansas in 2002 and worked with the University of Arkansas for 2 years in preparing a program to train physicians to practice in rural areas.  He and his wife, Krista, moved with their 4 kids to Ozark Missouri in 2004 where they now own and operate Ozark Family Clinic.  Mark's other interest include community medicine and research.
Executive Board
Robert Crampton - President - CEO:                        

Ann Books - Crampton - Vice President of Education:       

Ann Books-Crampton is a mathematics instructor at the University of Phoenix, Springfield Campus, as well as at Ozark Technical Community College.  A long time Girl Scout, Ann enjoys being outside, camping, hiking, canoeing.  She married Robert Crampton in the fall of 2008.  They enjoy going for hikes, helping others and just being together. 

David Devoy - Webmaster:            
          David is Chief Software Architect for ARO, a business process outsourcer based in Kansas City, Missouri.  David grew up in a small Missouri town where he had plenty of opportunities to develop his lifelong love of the outdoors. If you would like to contact David, you can reach him at    
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