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General Pershing's Pathfinders
     General John J. Pershing is a Missouri boy who became the first six-starred
general during his service as General of the Armies during World War I.  
More information about Pershing and the efforts to keep his memory alive can be found at www.pershingmuseum.com.
    The “General Pershing’s Pathfinder” Hiking group is VFOM’s new project.
Veterans will do local hiking and learn basic trail building skills. This will
help the Vets in recovering from PTSD/TBI.

Ozark Trail Section-Hike: 

October 11 to November 11, 2014: Join us as we take the first veteran 
group on a section-hike of the Ozark Trail (OT). 
Cuba, Missouri VFW Post 7147 will sponsor the first event to kick off the "Walking Off The War" hike on October 10th with a fish fry.  

On October 18, the Bunker Community invited the General Pershing's Pathfinders to participate in their Heritage Days and parade.
On October 25, the hikers will be treated in Eminence by the Chamber of Commerce.
On October 30, the Van Buren Chamber of Commerce invited the group to speak at their monthly meeting. Robert will speak about gain awareness of the trail, and the use of trail to help veterans.

West Plains, Missouri VFW Post 1828 will sponsor the final community event to end the hike.  Four events are planned during the four week hike, to get community awareness of the PTSD/TBI challenge with veterans.    
Local Hikes:
"Walking Off The War"  Veterans and their families are
invited to participate in local monthly hikes
Local hikes are planned the third Saturday of the month:
Starting: June 21st, 2014:  August 16th


We will meet at the Boathouse at 9:00 am.  Come be a part of the exciting venture. 

Become a "Pershing's Pathfinder".

Kick Off Breakfast:

The first veteran group on a section-hike of the Ozark Trail (OT).

American Legion Post 639 


Thanks to Wes Johnson for joining the veterans on the Ozark Trail, and for writing the wonderful article.

News-Leader Article by Wes Johnson

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Veteran's Walking Off the War: Ozark Trail Section-Hike
October 13th - November 11th, 2014
November 11th: Trail Completion Celebration: 
Sponsored by VFW Post 1828, the Veteran's Community Committee and the Mayor's Office, West Plains, Missouri

Veterans that are interested in joining the General Pershing's Pathfinders 2014 Ozark Trail Hike can send an email to:  robertcrampton91@gmail.com.  This hike will be limited to ten hikers.

Veterans Program

VFOM is partnering with Nixa VFW Post 6758 and American Legion Post 434 to develop recreational events for Missouri Veterans.  We now see the need to work with the returning Vets who are challenged with PTSD/TBI (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury). In helping them to adjust in returning to happier home life, we will give them a way to give back to the community. It has been demonstrated that hiking and working in the woods will aid in the recovery of these Veterans.


Pershing’s Pathfinders (New program of VFOM)

We will be collecting information on the Vets needs and teaching them a basic trail building skill program. This will help them in their recovery from PTSD/TBI. I have worked with a number of trail groups regarding to trail building and Vocational Trail Building programs that will tie into the new unit of VFOM.  The “Pershing’s Pathfinder” Hiking group is our new project. This group will do local hiking and learn basic trail building skills: “Walk off the War “Program.

Bass Pro Outdoor Fitness Days: Lake Springfield Park

Bass Pro Outdoor Fitness Days

Kevin Young, Larry Woolman, Howard Hostler, Robert Crampton, Thomas Moore
Thanks to our veterans that helped out at the three day event.
Kevin Young, Howard Hostler  and Larry Woolman ,with Robert Crampton and Thomas Moore (Springfield Parks Department)
Made many contacts with local veterans. Getting the face of Pershing in front of the public.

Volunteers For Outdoor Missouri, Inc.

      In partnership with:

Nixa VFW Post 6758

American Legion Post 434

Pershing Park Memorial Association


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